The plan on the left is the initial plan of the office. The ground floor was previously divided into shop and office space.The plan on the right is the current plan where office manager and Director have separate spaces. 
 The basement was used mainly as storage, post room, meeting space and for its facilities (bathroom and kitchen). The existing storage cabinets and closed spaces where blocking out the natural light (ceiling windows in kitchen, desk spaces and current bathroom). The need to have more desk spaces on the basement and increase the light sources, led to transform the basement into an open plan with a larger kitchen and to move the postroom closer to the desk spaces.  A library was created in the corridor area between the kitchen and the new enclosed meeting room. This new meeting room has a large glass panel facing the post room area creating the illusion of an open plan even when you are inside.  More contained storage was created both next to kitchen and under the stairs (access through meeting room).
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